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Upon arrival on the day of the scheduled study you will need to present a valid photo ID with birth date listed. Your
personal belongings will be searched for prohibited items such as candy, gum, and over the counter medications. All meals and refreshments are provided and will be allowed at scheduled times during the study. Outside snacks/foods will not be permitted. You will be asked to place personal belongings such as toiletries into clear plastic bags. We recommend to leave prohibited items at home and only bring allowed items with you to the study.

Items such as luggage, computer bags, and purses will not be permitted into the study and will be kept in a locked area. Clothing items, including those that you arrive in, will also be placed into a locked area. We will provide scrubs for participants to wear during the entire course of the study as street clothes are prohibited.


A breathalyzer will be administered and then participants will provide a urine sample (supervised) for drug screening and to test for tobacco use. Female participants will be administered a pregnancy test and results must be negative. Positive results for illegal drugs, tobacco use, and alcohol consumption before the study (breathalyzer) or pregnancy will result in participant removal from the study and entrance into our STOP program and the possibility of not being able to participate in studies for an entire year.

What if I fail one of the tests?

If you fail one of the tests mentioned above, act in an inappropriate or threatening behavior, or get sick you will not be able to participate in the study. You will go through our exit process and will need to leave the facility as soon as this process is complete. Please make appropriate transportation arrangements as we do not provide transportation. 

Free Time

You can use the time during the study to catch up on school/work projects with our high speed internet. Lounge in the chairs while enjoying your favorite cable TV show, or gaming on your portable gaming system/laptop/tablet. How you spend your free time during the study is up to you. Please keep in mind though that this is a clinical trial study which requires an established routine for collecting accurate data and providing results. Staff members will also enforce a strict schedule for sleeping and waking hours that may include interruption of your normal sleeping routine. Blood draws and other samples will be collected throughout the entire study at designated times by trained staff members.


To collect accurate data all meals will be pre-measured and scheduled throughout the day. You will be required to consume all of the meal and substitutions will not be provided. If you have food allergies or certain foods you wish not to eat for other reasons we may not be able to accommodate you. 

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