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After you speak with the participant relations representative and receive your appointment time the next step is the screening process. If you are unable to attend your scheduled screening appointment please make sure to contact us to reschedule or let us know you are canceling. When you arrive at your screening appointment please be sure to have your photo ID (with visible birth date) such as a passport or driver's license with you. One of the first items you will be given at the screening appointment is a study schedule with specifics about the study activities. Please take a moment to read over the schedule and make sure that you are able to attend all study activities. To successfully complete a study you must check-in for all scheduled visits, periods, returns, etc.


screening consent form will be signed prior to the start of any screening procedures, so please make sure to thoroughly read the form and ask any questions you may have. If you have any questions throughout the process please be sure to ask one of our professional staff members so that you have a full understanding of the processes and upcoming study activities.


You will be asked for more medical history detail during the appointment so please make sure to bring any documentation needed to answer accurately. You can also print, complete denoted sections and bring in the Medical History form with you. Medical history questions will also include any medications that you are currently or have recently taken, and current or recent history of nicotine, alcohol, and illegal drugs.


The screening visit will take 1.5-2 hours where a complete explanation of the study will be given. If you consent, you will have your blood draw, give a urine sample, have an EKG (a painless test of your heart), undergo a drug screen, and you are also subject to a nicotine screen. If you agree to participate in the study you will be asked to sign the Informed Consent Form. Before you leave your screening visit, you will be scheduled to return to the clinic at a separate time to see the doctor. This takes approximately 30 minutes to one hour. There is no fee, or compensation for the screening or doctor visit.  Test results that pose a potential threat for contagious or transmittable diseases may also result in participant disqualification. If you test positive in any tests mentioned above you will be contacted by a WVU CPRC staff member and possibly entered into our STOP program.


One of the last steps in the screening process is to schedule a doctor's visit which is required to be accepted into the study. There is a possibility that you may need to return for repeat testing, depending on test results. Upon successful completion of the screening process you will be contacted within 7 days if you have been accepted into the study. You will be reminded at this time of time of check-in, items you can and can't bring to the study and other study specific information.