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Participant Relations

Participating in a research study at WVU CPRC is easy but, you must first speak with a participant relations representative. You can speak with a participant relations representative :1-888-991-2772 or 304-581-1404, [email protected] or website request. The participant relations representative will ask for basic contact and general medical information to determine whether you can be scheduled for a screening appointment.  General contact and medical history will only be collected by phone or visit to the facility.

Each study could have different criteria for acceptance, such as a specific BMI range, non-smoker/tobacco user, age range, or medications that you may be on and not permitted into the study. The study protocol usually requires that you have a weight of at least 110lbs if you are male and 105lbs if you are female and a normal Body Mass Index (BMI) between19kg/m2 and 30kg/m2. Body Mass Index, referred to as BMI is a measure that adults can use to see if they are healthy weight for their height. Generally speaking a person who is 5 feet tall weighing 153lbs and a person who is 6 feet tall weighing 221lbs have a BMI of 30, which is the upper range listed for BMI in most of our study protocols. This criteria will be explained to you upon speaking to the participant relations representative. Not sure what your BMI is?  You can calculate your own BMI using the following BMI Calculator. Should you not meet the acceptance criteria it is possible that you will not pass the screening process to enter the study.


Depending on the results from your initial phone screen with the participant relations representative you will be given a appointment for screening and dates that the study will occur so that proper planning can be made. A screening appointment reminder email will be done prior to your screening date so please make sure to provide us with the most up to date phone and email address. We encourage participants to bring previous medical history information to the screening appointment so that questions can be answered accurately. This will also help to reduce your time spent in the next step: screening.


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