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What does informed consent mean?

To begin the screening process you will be asked to sign an Informed Consent form that outlines the screening requirements.  Prior to completing the screening process, the Informed Consent that is specific to the study and outlines procedure will also need to be signed by the participant. These documents do not obligate you to complete the study and you may discontinue the study process at any point.

What is a placebo?

A compound that is made with inactive ingredients and used to measure the effectiveness of an active drug in a given study. A placebo does not contain medicine.

What are exclusion criteria?

These are factors that determine whether you can participate in a study.  For example, if you do not meet weight requirements, you will not be able to participate in the study.

What are inclusion criteria?

Inclusion criteria are used to determine a volunteer's eligibility and must be met in order to participate in a study. A medical exam is required prior to the study to determine whether a participant is suitable to take part in the study.

What is a sponsor?

An individual, company, institution or organization that initiates, manages and/or finances a clinical study.

What can I bring to the study?

You may bring your toiletries – (no toiletries containing alcohol), clean undergarments, cell phone, laptop, books, MP3 player, DVDs.

What is not allowed during a study?

Please do not bring any type of food (including snacks and nutritional supplements), pillows and blankets from home or extra clothing. Medication of any kind is also not permitted. We strictly prohibit alcohol and illegal substances.

What is provided?

Each participant is provided with a scrub uniform and robe. A locker will also be provided to you for storage of personal items. Bed linen, pillows, towels, a washcloth and soap are all provided. Meals are also provided and are not optional.

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