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Sponsors-Looking for a CRO

WVU CPRC is a contract research organization and the commercial arm of the WVU Research Corporation. We function as an integrated entity of the University with a high degree of operational flexibility to capitalize on market opportunities. We serve as an Intermediary portal between WVU and pharma for the expansion of collaborative clinical research and partnership.

Our clinical expertise allows us to function as a "one-stop shop" for any needs a sponsor may have to efficiently conduct a clinical research study. As a Center of Excellence for Phase-I and expanding to Phase-II and later trials, we have solidified multi-year contracts with major Pharma companies. 

Located in the heart of Mountaineer Nation our facility is in close proximity to the WVU HSC campus. Our prime location allows for opportunity of growth in the community and University. The faculty at WVU Health Sciences campus provide medical and scientific oversight to the Center and also allows for internship opportunities to WVU pharmacy and medical students.

For more information on how WVU CPRC can successfully conduct your next study or general questions please the next few pages that highlight why we can be your "on stop shop" . You can also contact us at 304-581-1404 or
[email protected].