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Core competencies

  • Study Planning- Through maximization of our resources we work with our sponsors to offer flexible options to fit the needs of drug submission and timelines.
  • Clinical Expertise- Our professional and clinically competent staff have extensive experience and expertise in clinical research.
  • Volunteer Recruitment- AT WVU CPRC we have a very robust Recruitment Department that develops marketing and branding programs to fit the needs of our growing and expanding markets for subject recruitment and community engagements in clinical trial research. Our marketing and promotional campaigns for subject recruitment stretch across multiple counties in WV and surrounding states.
  • Financial Planning and Budgeting- By maximizing our resources we try to keep the sponsor financial burdens at minimum. Our clinical expertise establishes a set of organizational standards that provide high quality results with justifiable and reasonable costs.
  • Highly robust and validated QC and QMS systems within the regulatory framework of GCP.
  • Thorough delivery of study requirements.
  • ECTD and Data Management Systems including dashboard data that provide query analysis/tracking and quality checks.
  • Phase-gate approach with on time study report submission. 
  • Meticulous clinical and technical reviews prior to submission to assure study data accuracy and reliability.